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 Restoration: 1 : the act of restoring or the condition of being restored : bringing back to a former position or condition.

Using a process developed over almost a decade now, our restoration services are there for the golfer who has a specialty putter, wedge or iron that is damaged, worn out, or simply lost its finish and would like that club returned to its original condition.  Many customers will choose to go a step further and customize that same club and pair a custom finish, have a favorite collegiate logo engraved, or have their own or a loved ones initial hand stamped to not only return it to a like new condition, but give it that one of a kind custom look that they can be proud of.  


It is our goal to ensure all customers are provided the most accurate and honest information as it pertains to the ability to restore each club presented to us.  Some clubs don't make financial sense to restore, some are beyond our ability to repair, while others were originally manufactured with certain materials or finishes that require very expensive and time consuming processes to restore.  Our professional and honest opinion regarding the ability to transform your club is something we are very proud of and take very seriously.

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Refinishing:  the art of taking an old, used golf club and turning it into a brand-new piece of art.


It could also be that you bought a new putter or wedge, or even that set of irons you have wanted since their release date, and you just love the way your friends BLACKED OUT clubs look, or everytime you play with a certain friend they bring their glossy black oxide Scotty out and you decided right then you needed one of your own.  We offer a variety of custom hand applied finishes, all completed here in our shop, and run thru a series of tests and quality control checks, that you can count on and take pride in knowing that a great amount of care was taken to turn it into the custom, one of a kind club you have always wanted.   

Its important to know that as you browse our custom finishes, you must be aware of the type of metal or materials that your club is made from or included in the final design.  The two main metals used are Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel, and each type of steel has a number of different types and different properties.  Carbon steel is much more versatile and therefore has a wider array of finishes that can be applied, but the downside to this is corrosion or oxidation.  Regular maintenance is required and our custom finishes must be maintained on a regular basis.  Stainless steel is much more durable and because of this, has a limited number of finishes that can be applied.​

If you aren't sure of the makeup of the club you want refinished, contact us with the details about the club in question, and we would be happy to help you better understand the makeup and what finishes you have to choose from.

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