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  • How much does it cost to get my club refinished?

A: At TX Custom Golf all of our pricing is on each specific pricing form.  As you choose the options for your specific project, there will be an associated price next to every additional customization, so that you can determine an approximate cost for your project,.  This does not include shipping and taxes, this will be assessed  and included on the invoice after options are completed. 

  • If my putter is brand new when I send it in for customization, do I still have to pay the base price with restoration?

A: Yes, regardless of the condition of your club or set the base price applies to every customer as there is prep work for every project and our base price is based on time spent to prepare your club or clubs for the custom work you choose to have performed.  This is a one time fee that applies to any build or project.

  • Do you offer any custom hosel work, relocation, or center shafting?

A: Custom hosel modifications/relocations are part of our Special Options section, and due to the nature of these types of projects, if you would like to have any hosel work done to your putter, please include that in the special notes on your customization form that you send in with your club. TX Custom Golf will provide the new hosel (if necessary) and we have all the most popular options  for your custom needs.

  • Is my club restorable to a "Like-New" condition, regardless of manufacturer or model?

A: TX Custom Golf has all the equipment necessary to restore almost all clubs in all situations. But as with any scenario involving damage or wear to a club, we cannot guarantee that your club can be restored to a new condition. During our initial consultation, we will discuss with you how likely your club is to being returned to its original "Like New" condition and allow you to reconsider your options at that time. The easiest way to get this done is to fill out the appropriate forms HERE.  Please include any pictures or attachments.

  • Should I get my putter face re-milled regardless of how damaged it may be?

A: TX Custom Golf NOW offers face re-milling on every putter as a value added service to all customers. The only two scenarios in which we would not re-mill your putter face is if you either (1.) Ask us not to for your own personal reasons or (2.) Your putter has a deep milled face. Re-applying a deep milling is part of our Additional services and is substantially more expensive. We recommend leaving deep milling alone in most situations.

  • Can you remove existing stampings or engravings that I no longer want?

A: In many situations, we are able to remove stamping and/or engraving but cannot guarantee that we can remove everything. It will be on a case by case basis, will depend entirely on the location and depth of the marking, and will be an extra cost regardless of the extent of the removal process.

  • How long does the restoration/customization take to complete?

A: Every project is different and each project requires different cure/dry times, collaboration, shipping and work time that all factors into the total time it takes to complete your project. Our standard time frame is between 4 and 6 weeks on all projects that do not include an abnormal amount of additional specialty services, but we always strive to return your club/s to you earlier than promised.  

  • Can you restore/customize my club(s) that have plastic inserts or stencils?

A: Since plastic inserts and stencils have to be removed before any restoration/customization can be done, they will most likely be damaged or defaced during the removal process.  Since they are not available for purchase from the manufacturer, we will not be able to return your club to it's original condition.  As an option, we can usually order custom inserts to replace them with.  

  • Terms and conditions for orders?

A: Please click here to see our terms and conditions.

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