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Jason Cooley

Jason founded TX Custom Golf and has been the majority owner since 2015.  He incorporated the company upon the realization that his moonlighting hobby was goign to be a full time undertaking, and was given confirmation of incorporation in the State of Texas as an LLC on his birthday, January 10,  in 2018.   He has been in business and doing club customizations for 10 years and golf has always been a passion of his, so the move to get involved on a professional/career basis within the game was a lifelong dreamf.    

He is available by request and is always happy to spend a few minutes with every customer, either discussing or debating the facts and the fiction surrounding the custom golf industry.

Jason is an authorized Cerakote applicator, a certified club fitter and builder for most of the large manufacturers,  and has completed over 5000 successful custom projects in his now 10 year career in the custom golf space.

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Started playing golf at 10 years old, scratch golfer by 15, tournaments galore, college scholarship to play golf.  Was playing mud football with his fraternity and tore his MCL and ACL.  Decided in his infinite wisdom that he had played enough golf and hung up his clubs.  For the next 28 years he only played a handful of times.  Fast forward to Sept of 23, son comes home from college and says "Dad, you always said you were a scratch golfer when you were a kid.  I call BULLSHIT!" Since then I haven't put down my clubs. 

Getting involved in everything golf from building, partnerships, sales, you name it golf is back in my blood.  Jason has taken Ryan under his wings and started to show him all the ropes and ins and outs of the golf building world.

Ryan is responsible for all partnerships, customer interactions, basic building tasks, website and anything technical!!!

TX CUSTOM GOLF is a privately owned LLC in the state of Texas, born from a desire to design and create one of a kind, bespoke refinish and customized putters, wedges, and irons.  For almost a decade now, customers have been coming to our shop for a personal touch, honest and direct information and recommendations, competitively priced custom services, and most importantly the investment that we put into our customers and their equipment from the very first contact.


From humble beginnings buying Scotty Cameron putters off ebay, changing the paint fill, upgrading the grip, headcover, and applying a shaft label, to the early days after the formation of our LLC, we have never forgotten where we came from or strayed from our original vision:  to offer custom golf equipment services to golfers of all backgrounds and levels of play, at an affordable price while maintaining the highest levels of quality and customer service.   Our shop is going to continue to grow.....2023 was a monumental year and the trends only point upwards.  Know that if you choose to do business with our shop, you will deal directly with the person that hand crafts your club and never an automated person.  We have established collaborations with some of the industries most respected specialists, and have done so at our own expense, in order to provide our customers with the absolute BEST with every facet of your project.


In addition, we are strategically located approximately 15 minutes from the new Home of the PGA Tour in Frisco, TX.  We believe that in time, this will benefit all North Texas based golf industry professionals.  

If you are ever in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, please let us know.  We would be happy to have you by the shop, or schedule a practice or playing session.  Nothing beats meeting our customers in person!!  


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