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Calm Dragonskin (Standard) Golf Grip, specially crafted using elastomer TPC. Our innovative design and technology ensure a soft and comfortable grip, while retaining superior stability and enhanced feel.

Ideal for golfers of all skill levels, this grip guarantees optimal control and a trustworthy hold. Enhance your playing experience with the Calm Dragonskin Grip, available in two sizes to suit your individual preferences.


BrandCalm DragonSkin Standard
MaterialElastomer TPC
Weight48g +/-1g
Length10.68" (271.5mm)
SizeM58, M60
ColorBlack (Dragon Soul),
Navy (Azure Dragon)
PerformanceAll Weather

High Flexibility and Durability:

Crafted from Elastomer TPC, Dragon Golf grips offer long-lasting performance. This material is highly flexible and durable, reducing wear over time.

Superior Golf Grip Stability:

The non-slip nature of Elastomer TPC ensures that players can hold the golf club more securely, contributing to improved stroke accuracy and stability.

Comfortable Feel:

The soft texture of TPC material offers a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue and enhancing player performance.

Resistance to Moisture:

Elastomer TPC is resistant to rain and sweat, ensuring that the golf grip's performance is maintained even in wet conditions.

Temperature Stability:

This material is less affected by temperature changes, providing consistent performance in various weather conditions.

Calm Dragonskin (Standard) Golf Grip [Green Cap]

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