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Fire Dragonskin (Firm) Golf Grip [Red Cap]


Fire Dragonskin Firm, the go-to golf grip for LPGA and PGA players.

Engineered with tacky TPE and our unique technology, experience a strong, proper golf grip while maintaining grip stability and enhanced feel.

It's not just about grip; it's about mastering your game.


BrandFire DragonSkin Firm
Weight48g +/-1g
Length10.68" (271.5mm)
SizeM58, M60
ColorBlack (Dragon Soul),
Navy (Azure Dragon)
PerformanceAll Weather

Superior Firmness:

Tacky TPE material provides a firmer golf grip, crucial for players seeking enhanced control over their swings.

Tackiness for Grip Stability:

The inherently tacky nature of TPE ensures a stable golf grip, making it easier to hold onto the golf club during powerful swings.

Comfort Without Compromise:

While offering a firm golf grip, tacky TPE also ensures a comfortable hand-feel, reducing hand fatigue during extended play.

Resistance to Moisture:

The material's resistance to rain and sweat ensures consistent grip performance even in wet conditions.


Tacky TPE is known for its long-lasting characteristics, ensuring that the grip will maintain its superior qualities even after extensive use.

DragonGrips RED-Elastomer FIRM Swing Grip

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