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FF45 special series ($650 USD)


  • Recommended for swing speeds between 95~120mph but capable of handling much higher speeds with smooth transition. For example,  WLD Long Drive athletes use both the FF38 and FF45 for faster club head speeds in excess of 140+mph.
  • The FF45 special series is manufactured with a factory design load of 45g weight, 4.0 torque and 200 cpm.
  • Uncut raw length at 46" inch with 0.335 tapered tip
  • The FF45 (200cpm) is firmer than FF38 (170cpm), but still feels soft overall. However, the shaft will feel stiffer the faster you swing it.
  • Choose FF45 if you are a hitter-type OR a swinger-type golfer with a quicker tempo and transition, and prefer a firmer overall feeling during the swing and at impact.
  • Like any shaft pushed to its limits, the FreeFlex shafts will offer high club speed and distance, but at a risk of less accuracy if struck off-center.
  • We recommend visiting an expert club fitter to set up the shaft for YOUR best performance.
  • Adapters available at $20 ea (Callaway, TM, PING, Titleist, Cobra, PXG)
  • Int'l shipping $80 USD FedEx priority (6~10 business days) 

Freeflex Special 45 Watercolor

$650.00 Regular Price
$552.50Sale Price
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  • $80 flat rate from Korea, there is no way around this as it is set by Special Joy.  Shafts will take 2-4 weeks.

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