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Recommended for swing speeds between 110-125mph for higher launch and low spin.

MetaFlex CBT shafts are aimed at higher swing-speed players and tour pros who prefer the firm feel and psychological reassurance of a stiff or x-stiff shafts, but looking for more distance with accuracy as offered by our renowned FreeFlex shafts.

Our patented Carbon Bending Technology (CBT) has broken new barriers in creating a shaft that feels firm while retaining the advantages of a much lighter, flexible shaft. 

On paper, MetaFlex CBT 6.5M is manufactured with a factory design weight of 62g, 220cpm, and 4.5 torque.

Despite the lightweight specs, however, our testers have reported CBT 6.5M shaft as being similar in feel and firmness to 6x ~ 7x shafts, which are heavier with a much stronger flex and torque.

CBT tech increases forgiveness on even the fastest of swing speeds by increasing the "bend point" to become a "bend section" for a more repeatable loading/unloading of the shaft at impact. 

Uncut raw length at 46" inch with 0.335 tapered tip

We recommend visiting an expert club fitter to set up the shaft for YOUR best performance.


METAFLEX shafts are an engineering marvel that uses a whole new method of building a premium shaft.

Featuring the incredible CBT technology, the new MetaFlex shafts are geared towards higher swing-speed players and tour pros who prefer the feel and psychological reassurance of a tour stiff shaft, but wish for more distance and ease of swing to go even faster.

Simply, we have succeeded in combining the best features of a light flexible shaft for distance and accuracy (proven with FreeFlex Technology), with the firm feel of tour proven shafts for added confidence and faster swings; a feat that has never been done before.

SJ Golf’s patented Carbon Bending Technology (CBT) allowed us to produce shafts whose tech specs read like a senior shaft, BUT feels absolutely stiff and firm in actuality, comparable to the to the popular shafts on tour. Part of the secret is with the carbon wrap tech that is visible on the shaft surface when you look closely.

During testing, many of our testers found it hard to believe what they were experiencing. Prior to testing the MetaFlex shafts, we did not show them the actual specs on paper beforehand. All of the testers had been using popular aftermarket shafts and ranged from 105~120mph swing speeds.

They noted that though it felt somewhat softer in waggle than their own shafts, MetaFlex actually felt just as stiff if not more during the actual swing. The testers were also surprised at the higher launch, carry distance, and lower spin than their gamers.

After the tests when they were told that the MetaFlex spec is actually SOFTER than our FF45 shaft (200cpm, 4.0 torque), they were blown away. They couldn’t believe that MetaFlex 6H at 5.0 torque and 200cpm could feel so solid and easy to handle.

Another fascinating aspect of CBT is its ability to increase forgiveness on even the fastest of swing speeds. Due to our new bending technique, the "bend point" now becomes a wider "bend section" to provide for a more repeatable loading/unloading of the shaft at impact. Soon, we will be able to identify the exact sections where a golfer needs to bend the shaft most effectively and reinforce that particular section for a TRUE CUSTOMIZATION of the golf shaft. Imagine what the best golfers in the world can do with a shaft they can squeeze 99.9% performance from with confidence?

But don't just take our word for it. After all, actually trying it is the best way to convince yourself that a light, highly flexible, high torque shaft CAN indeed feel like a tour stiff shaft with added benefits of distance, accuracy, and ease of swing.

CBT. It may just be the technology that bends your mind.

Metaflex CBT Driver Shaft 6.5H

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