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Now available thru our online shop, we have just kicked off and will be offering to all customers custom personalized laser engraved ball markers.  Created from current customer requests for personalized logo markers for their individual use, our ball marker program will continue to be grown and developed into a full scale, ball marker, divot tool, and other misc metal accessories offering, all of which can be purchased in a variety of options:  Copper, Stainless Steel, Or Brass metals.  Deep engraving or etching/marking available.  Finished design can be left burnt, polished, blasted, or paint filled.  Currently we are offering 3 types of markers:  the basic stamped (plain, smoothed edge, no special detailing), Coin Edge (milled round, outside edge marked like a US Quarter), or 9-Way/Chamfered (milled round, 9 straight edges to make an octoconal shape, and chamfered off at an angle, either one side or both sides).  You can see all 3 of these options in our product photos currently posted, but with many more on the way.  


If you would like to discuss a special project, custom need, or company request with us that you need to have completed, please reach out to us using our Contact Us form.  

Coming Soon!  

-fully dynamic ball marker ordering form

-more marker shapes and designs

-additional customer project photos 

-better pricing, more options, and one of a kind curated items

Personalized Ball Markers- Copper or Stainless Steel

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